CirKit Complete Bike No Battery

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CirKit Complete Bike No Battery

from 1,850.00

Includes Complete Bike without battery.

Frame is hand crafted from 2” stainless steel tubing. Seat is included and is custom made for the frame.

Fork is custom built to offer superior handling and comfort.

Swingarm is hand crafted and built for durability.

Rear Coilovers are adjustable and ready for your custom settings.

Motor is QS Motor V1 205 1000W.

Controller is Yuyang King controller YKZ7250.

Wheels are Bicycle rims 20 with 4.25" wide.

Front Wheel is Fat bike front freehub.

Brakes are hydraulic front and rear.

Street tuned suspension travel 30-40mm.


Please allow 30-45 days for deliver.

Power Watts:
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